Item Cost House Value Requires Description
Retratech FoldUp - Blanko 50 Simoleons 25 N/A On a budget? Folding chairs are your sore backside solution.
(retired) Retratech FoldUp - Yellow 50 Simoleons 25 N/A Yellow. Never matches anything, but what a bold statement!
Retratech FoldUp - Urban 50 Simoleons 25 N/A All the style of foldable chair, without the tricky folding.
KinderTrapp Study Chair F 70 Simoleons 25 N/A A rigorous copy of Prussian factory-school study chairs.
(retired) KinderTrapp Study Chair M 70 Simoleons 25 N/A An old design as classic and unchanged as the curriculum.
Trashinator XRS Blu Ice 100 Simoleons 50 N/A Squeezing 40 years of trash-tech into one bold appliance.
(retired) Lawnco Garden Chair 100 Simoleons 50 N/A Vaguely weather resistant. Pleasure-resistant aluminum legs.
(retired) Eloise Petrol 120 Simoleons 50 N/A It's a chair in blue dress!
Eloise Cream 120 Simoleons 50 N/A It's a chair in cream dress!
Perch-ing! Snow 4 SimCash 600 N/A Sit down in style!
(retired) Up2Scratch White Corner 125 Simoleons 200 N/A We don't cut corners when we cut our corners.
Trashinator XRS Dark 125 Simoleons 75 N/A Beware cheap imitations. Here's the original!
Retratech Brown End Table 150 Simoleons 75 N/A Beautiful, natural, chemically-treated, rainforest plywood.
Retratech White End Table 150 Simoleons 75 N/A Because inexpensive doesn't have to mean unappealing.
(retired) JellySeat Green 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Luscious lime flavor!
JellySeat Black 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Lip smacking licorice flavor!
JellySeat Red 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Chewy cherry flavor!
Oh Wheely Tan 150 Simoleons 100 N/A We're not quite sure what these are but we like them.
JellySeat Blue 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Rockin' raspberry flavor!
JellySeat White 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Cool mint flavor!
(retired) JellySeat Sun 150 Simoleons 100 N/A Tangy tangerine flavor!
Perch-ing! Plum 5 SimCash 750 N/A Chimney sweep? No more sooty pant stains on your chairs!
SureStore D-lux Woe 5 SimCash 750 N/A Up, up and away! SureStore keeps clutter and mess at bay!
(retired) Perch-ing! Bali 5 SimCash 750 N/A We name all our chairs individually. This one's Percy.
NeoN Pink 175 Simoleons 100 N/A Ironically one of the few NeoN products which isn't actually pink.
(retired) Lawnco Garden Chair Plus 175 Simoleons 100 N/A Long-lasting. Stylish "Slats". Low Emmisions. Recycled PVC.
(retired) Oh Wheely Light 175 Simoleons 100 N/A Perfect For Storing Extremely Small, Light, Few Things On.
AluMinimum Table 175 Simoleons 100 N/A A quick and dirty table built for quick and dirty purchases.
SureStore D-lux Dove Open 6 SimCash 900 N/A Open-front display for beautiful bean cans and pasta boxes.
SureStore D-lux Woe Open 6 SimCash 900 N/A Wasting time yanking cabinet doors all day? Go open. Go Sure.
(retired) Up2Scratch- Pastel 200 Simoleons 125 N/A Prepping Food On Pastels: More Like A Dream Than Drudgery.
(retired) Librarian Tan 200 Simoleons 100 N/A Move It. Rotate It. What CAN'T You Do With One Of These?
(retired) Up2Scratch- Pastel Corner 200 Simoleons 125 N/A Fitting: Corner. Hardware: Immitation. Color: Timeless.
(retired) Librarian Pale 200 Simoleons 100 N/A Truly A Step In Tha Right Direction!
(retired) U-Sit Chesnut 200 Simoleons 100 N/A Get That Schoolhouse Look Without The Chewing Gum Underneath.
(retired) U-Sit Blonde 200 Simoleons 100 N/A 100% Balsa Wood. Maximum Weight 800 Pixels.
(retired) Up2Scratch- White 200 Simoleons 125 N/A Corners. Squares. A Match Made In Heaven. Only From Krampft.
U-Tool Workbench ??? 200 Quest Unlock Where's your tool? On your U-Tool that's where. Get tooled up.
Blush Pink Footstool 7 SimCash 1050 N/A Footstools are a sign of luxury and look great next to a reading chair or fireplace!
Basix Bleach Coffee Table 225 Simoleons 125 N/A Everything you want from a coffee table, without the color.
Basix Tan Coffee Table 225 Simoleons 125 N/A Low profile. Level top. Together they spell functionality.
Marjerie Cream 250 Simoleons 150 Build It's a bigger chair in a cream dress!
Marjerie Petrol 250 Simoleons 150 Build It's a bigger chair in a blue dress!
Jr BlitzTable 275 Simoleons 150 N/A AluMinimum? This is AluMAXimum!
Bertie's Footstool
(retired) Retratech Table 275 Simoleons 175 N/A Easy deploy. Easy clean. Easy purchase. What's not to like?
Zecutime Rustic Oak Chair 9 SimCash 1350 N/A Relievingly constructed from 100% non-splinter wood.
Olympus Hermes 9 SimCash 1350 Player level: 12 Hermes Messenger of the gods. Small. Lover of fine furnishing.
Ironix Austere Chair
Ironix Blush Chair
Loguinn Chair Light
(retired) Up2Scratch- Red Corner 300 Simoleons 200 N/A A revolution in corner-spanning kitchen counter technology.
(retired) Zig Zag - Jet 300 Simoleons 200 N/A No troubling drawers and shelves to slow you down here!
(retired) Redwood Chair 300 Simoleons 200 N/A You'll need a load of these to go around the giant table.
(retired) Zig Zag - Ice 300 Simoleons 200 N/A 100% recycled accidentally shredded ties.
(retired) Giant Ebony 300 Simoleons 200 N/A Who's been sitting in my chair? Said Daddy Bear.
(retired) Zig Zag - Cocoa 300 Simoleons 200 N/A Coffee stain proofed color choices for the caffeine jitters.
Stash-It Tan 330 Simoleons 200 N/A Doubles as an amazing den for kids. We accept no responsibility.
(retired) Stash-It Ice 330 Simoleons 200 N/A Looks like an oven, really it's a closet. You can't beat that.
(retired) Office Desk X-401 350 Simoleons 225 N/A 50% of testers report increased efficiency using tan desks.
Office Desk X-71 350 Simoleons 225 N/A Field tested. Comittee approved. Perfect for temp employees.
LookForward Posture
Basix TV Stand - Tan 350 Simoleons 225 N/A People ask, "What's on TV?" We ask, "What's your TV on?"
LookForward Poise
(retired) Ebony Chair 175 Social Point 600 N/A Because 'Chair' doesn't have to mean 'Quite Expensive'.
GrouchCouch YT 175 Social Point 600 Build Atlantic: cold, bold, old. Finally a CEO-ready armchair.
GrouchCouch Blu 175 Social Point 600 Build Feeling blu? Then feel the Blu- such quality!
LookForward Dress
Zecutime Chair - 'Onyx' 350 Simoleons 225 Player level: 12 Lower back support. Little wheels. Screams 'office.'
NuMica "Atlantic" Armchair 350 Simoleons 225 N/A Atlantic: cold, bold, old. Finally a CEO-ready armchair.
NuMica Classic Chair 350 Simoleons 225 N/A Good honest furniture at a good honest price. NuMica.
Zecutime Chair - 'Pure' 350 Simoleons 225 Player level: 13 Efficient design. Optimized price model. Injection molded.
NeoN Bax
(retired) CawfeeTable Tan 375 Simoleons 250 N/A Includes open space and semi- secret enclosed drawer space.
(retired) QuickDrawer Ice 375 Simoleons 250 N/A Drawer, pilgrim!
Bookshelf 400 Simoleons 400 32 Writing Skill WARNING: collapses under anything larger than War And Peace.
FrancoFaux Chaise
Bahama Refreshments
Queen's Standing Table
Knave's Standing Table
Huaca Temple Counter
CitySim iChair White
Huaca Temple Blocks
HBTSS Blue Arrangement
Bahama Bar Seat
Bahama Cube
Loguinn Table XS
Chilled White Side Table
Chilled Grey Low Counter
OakTowne Stockholm 500 Simoleons 375 N/A Flat-packed with almost enough screws to assemble it.
Chilled Grey Side Table
Chilled White Low Counter
CitySim iChair Red
Domestica Viewtiful Television
Bahama Stone Stool
Blush Pink Dining Chair
Pistachio Dining Chair
Grizzly Belle Chest
Foot Rest by S. Leon
Astonish Modesty 19 SimCash 2800 N/A Guaranteed for life, timeless for eternity.
NuMica Retro Blue Sofa
Bahama Orb
CitySim iTable Round
Potation Planet 600 Simoleons 250 Build: 10Cocktail Umbrella, 8Chocolate, 8Solid Wood, 10Admiration A geographically accurate globe fore the travel fan - add some controlled sipping in your life.
NuMica Retro Red Sofa
Spatacula Lounge
Hygenix Stow B
Winfield Corner Counter
Hygenix Stow B (Corner)
Hygenix Stow W
Hygenix Stow W (Corner)
Basix TV Stand - Black
Urber Trunk
Basix Bookshelves Black
Basix Bookshelves
QuickWick Straight Couch
AtTheParty Single Sofa B
AtTheParty Single Sofa P
Zecutime "In The Red"
CitySim iSofa Single Red
Utopia Eco Chair Requires: Beach House
Zecutime "Aggressa"
Zecutime Explore
Olympus Hera 25 SimCash 3700 Player level: 12 Hera. Came out of Zeus' head. Not fond of clothes.
Grizzle Belle Armchair
NotFurReal Dried Hemp Rug
CitySim iSofa Single White
Zecutime "In The Black"
Colorfast Armchair R
Diesel Single Seater
Junior Chestnut
Domestica Room Divider
Junior Redwood
Loguinn Coffee Table
TimeForTea Chair P
TimeForTea Chair B
Blissful Arm Chair
WiseFellas Leather Armchair
Amour Grand Nightstand
French Bookcase
NotFurReal Zebu Table
Chilled Grey Sofa
LookForward Complete
Luxuriare End Table
Chilled White Sofa
LookForward Entire
PerpetuLux - Chartreuse
Normanity Chair
Domestica Occasional Table
Fun Job Desk
Domestica Deskita
NeoN Fizz
Werkbunnst Aqua
Bahama Stone Chair
NuMica Retro Red Chair
NeoN Tix
NuMica Retro Blue Chair
CloseNCounter Ice Player level: 26
Winfield Counter
Work Hard Desk
QuickWick Corner Couch
Mr Füd's Ready Hamper
Sterling Standing Mirror
NotFurReal Cattle Hide
Blush Pink Display Cabinet
QuickWick Patio Round Table
Loguinn Study Desk
CitySim iGlass Coffee Table
WotWot Company Armchair
Domestica Lounge Lord
Junior Ebony
Simity Reader
Bertie's Drawing Chair
Utopia Coffee Table Requires: Beach House
Zecutime City Red Sofa
Queen of Hearts' Throne
SolTrain Cubic
Astonish Progress 35 SimCash 5150 N/A Indestructible titanium plating for dangerous office environments.
Zecutime City White Sofa
Futon Royale
Zecutime City Black Sofa
Knave's Foot Stool
Queen's Foot Stool
Plank King Tan
Plank King Pale
Huaca Temple Throne
CloseNCounter Jet Player level: 27
WiseFellas Coffee Table
Spatacula Sit A-Round
CitySim iLounge White
Spatacula Lounge Pure
Groo V Herbal Tea Table
Giant Chestnut
Groo V Armchair
Groo V Beachside Sofa Requires: Beach House
Giant Redwood
CitySim iLounge Red
Olympus Zeus 39 SimCash 5750 Player level: 12 Zeus. Largest of the gods. Largest beard at least.
Tempest Crescent Table
Queen's Writing Desk
WiseFellas Bottle Collection (black)
WiseFellas Bottle Collection (brown)
Grizzle Belle Wagon Coffee Table
Zecutime Rustic Player level: 21
Simity Coffee Break
FrancoFaux Cafe Player level: 14
AtTheParty Coffee Table B
HotRod Cloud9 Sofa Black
AtTheParty Coffee Table P
HotRod Cloud9 Sofa Red
WiseFellas Leather Sofa
Simity Armchair
Sofa Double by S. Leon
Chilled White Couch
Amour Grand Armchair
Chilled Grey Couch
NeoN Clax
LookForward Sublime
Normanity Sofa
LookForward Relax
NeoN Zip
Huaca Temple Platform
NeoN Zing
Classix Coffee
Giant Ebony (2) 700 Social Point 2450 Build Go big or go home.
Groo V End Table
Blissful Couch
Sheldon Bookchair (orange)
Sheldon Bookchair (blue)
Werkbunnst Aqua DX
TimeForTea Tiny Table P
Hatter's Favorite Chair B 1500 Simoleons 1550 Build: 10Nails (Items), 4Relaxation (Items), 10Soft Pillow (Items), 8Dreams (Items) This is definitely the Hatter's favorite chair. What, didn't you know it's his favorite color?
QuickWick Patio Chair
TimeForTea Tiny Table B
Hatter's Favorite Chair P 1500 Simoleons 1550 Build This is definitely the Hatter's favorite chair. THIS is his favorite color! Isn't it?
AtTheParty Sofa Blue
Master JD's LPs
Vespertine Cocktail Bar
Cornerlia Bedside Table
AtTheParty Sofa Purple
Winfield Breakfast Counter
Sterling Coffee Table
Utopia Pebble Couch Requires: Beach House
Queen's Fireplace
Loveseat - lips
Bertie's Lounging Sofa
Futon Royale Dbl
M'Lord's Fairytale Collection
Grizzle Belle Grand Fireplace
Colorfast Table W
LookForward Prestige
Colorfast Table R
LookForward Perfect
FrancoFaux Tableau
NeoN Blox
Anachrobox Fine
LookForward Base
NeoN Sear
Utopia Deluxe Lounger Requires: Beach House
Groo V Sofa
LookForward Converge
Anachrobox Grain
Grizzly Belle Sofa
Diesel Settee 850 Social Point 500 Build: 8Nails (Items), 8Wrench (Items), 6Paint (Items), 8Ruler, 10Cloth (Items) Plush white pleather and plenty of room for more intimate moments...
Knave's Purple Carpet
Queen's Red Carpet
Futon Midi
HotRod Illuminations Cabinet
WotWot Company Sofa
Economy Futon
Amour Seat
CommonRoom B 1800 Simoleons 1700 Player level: 14 ; Build It's Like The G But B.
Chilled White Table
Sofa Single S. Leon
Chilled Grey Table
CommonRoom G 1800 Simoleons 1700 Player level: 14 ; Build Craving for common room chic? Get it all back with the G.
Cpt. Jim Kurt's Chair
WiseFellas Buffet Table
WiseFellas Study Chair (black)
WiseFellas Study Chair (brown)
Wonderland Coffee Table
QuickWick Patio Egg Chair
Cornelia Dining Chair
Colorfast Couch R
Tempest Small Table
Amour Grand Sofa
CitySim iFireplace
RuralU Latch Player level: 13 ; Build
SolTrain Chair Player level: 14 ; Build
NotFurReal Zebu Sofa
LookForward LoadOff
Shelf-o-Books Oak Player level: 24 ; Build
LookForward Rest
Okea GIANT Beanbag
ComfyGuy Reclinerâ„¢ Deluxe
Utopia Beanbag
PaperClipped Ice 1250 Social Point 3500 Player level: 13 If an ice giant had a paperclip, it'd probably look a lot like this.
Cornelia Dining Table
Amour Dinner for Two
Wonderland Looking Glass 2500 Simoleons 2000 Build: 10Relaxation (Items), 8Soft Pillow (Items), 10Dreams (Items), 8Love (Items), 5Bling (Items) Peering through this Looking Glass, you might just find more than a reflection of yourself...!
PaperClipped Glo 1250 Social Point 3500 Player level: 13 Wish I had a giant sheaf of paper to clip with this. Weird?
PaperClipped Jet 1250 Social Point 3500 Player level: 13 Look, you can see your newspapers through the surface! Fun!
Bahama Poolside Table Requires: Beach House
WiseFellas Studded Desk (mahogany)
WiseFellas Studded Desk (ebony)
Urber CreaseLess Wardrobe
Floral Dinner Set
Citrus Dinner Set
Amour Armchair
Bahama Curve Sofa
Tempest Coffee Table
Tempest Dining Table
ValleyView Driftwood Table
CommonRoom GXL 1500 Social Point 4200 Player level: 15 ; Build We took the G and made it bigger. That's CommonRoom innovation.
Knave's Dining Table
TimeForTea Table W
Queen's Dining Table
Bahama Easy Read Shelf
Millie's Romance Novellas (brown shelves)
Millie's Romance Novellas (white shelves)
Blissful White Column
Shelf-o-Books Teak Player level: 33 ; Build
CommonRoom BXL 1500 Social Point 4200 Player level: 15 ; Build Looks like a bed with the legs moved and bent. The unmistakable BXL.
Utopia Eco Sofa Requires: Beach House ; Build
TimeForTea Table B
Tempest Black Column
Bamble Fuji
Bamble Nasu
Urber Chair
WiseFellas Leather Armchair
Queen's Riddle Collection
Knave's Riddle Collection
Aside Table
TimeForTea Banquet Table
WiseFellas SimFather Clock (brown)
WiseFellas SimFather Clock (black)
Economy Futon Dbl
Futon Mini Dbl
NeoN Dine
WiseFellas Leather Sofa
ValleyView Driftwood Armchair
Werkbunnst Skyline Black Player level: 32 ; Build
Tempest Armchair
Werkbunnst Skyline Brown Player level: 31 ; Build
Amour Love Couch
Sheldon Command Armchair
Astonish Class 5500 Social Point 9800 Player level: 12 ; Build Nothing says class like Class says class.
Astonish Exec 12000 Simoleons 7200 Player level: 14 ; Build Style. Comfort. Majesty.
Tempest Sofa
Sheldon Science Armchair
ValleyView Driftwood Sofa
Quick Karma Machine
Sheldon Science Sofa
Sheldon Command Sofa
Astonish Ember 25000 Simoleons 9800 Build That's not combustion, it's photons. And this is the future.
(retiring Aug 22) Coates' Umbrella Stand
(retired Aug 16) WotWot Lax Coffee Table 650 Social Point 1600 N/A Try resting your elbows on THIS table. Hah! Problem sorted.
(retired) SitNSwivel Red 200 Social Point 700 N/A Office-e-ally The Best Chair- No This Isn't Working.
(retired) CawfeeTable Tan 425 Simoleons 300 N/A Includes Mystery Gift In Drawer! (Warning: May Just Be Air).
(retired) CawfeeTable Ice 425 Simoleons 300 N/A Made In Queens, New York. By People Who Say 'Cawfee'.
(retired) Luxuriare Stool 14 SimCash 2050 N/A A Dressing Table Seating Accessory. Only From Luxuriare!
(retired) SitNSwivel Snow 450 Simoleons 300 N/A Self Oiling Casters Mean Seating Doesn't Have To Mean Squeeking.
(retired) SitNSwivel Jet 450 Simoleons 300 N/A Join the Jet Set With This Remarkable Piece Of Posterial Engineering.
(retired) ShortNSweet Tan 450 Simoleons 300 N/A Wooden This Be Nice? Become A Writer They Said. See The World They Said
(retired) ShortNSweet Ice 450 Simoleons 300 N/A Save Time! Comes Ready Painted And Cut So You Dont' Have To!
(retired) Hydronomic Woody 500 Simoleons 375 N/A When It Comes To Corner Cutting, Hydronomic Leads The Way.
MastaPlan Round Table (brown)
MastaPlan Round Table (black)
MastaPlan Chair Blue
MastaPlan Chair Red
My Mew Pal
MastaPlan Fireplace
MastaPlan WheelySerious
MastaPlan Bench Blue
MastaPlan Bench Red
MastaPlan Bench Black




Item Cost House Value Skill Requires Description
SwigSpot Anniversary Edition Free Cooking* N/A
Tempest Nights Double Bed Free 25000 N/A Build
Sterling Free Driving Player Level 9, Build
Blissful Dreamer Double Bed Free 25000 N/A Build
ValleyView Splendor BBQ Free Cooking* N/A
Quantum Orbital Kitchen Free ??? N/A
Zen Garden Free Tropical Zen Garden Build
DragonBug 270 Free Driving Quest Unlock
The Great Dragon Tower Free 100000 ??? Build
Connie's Country Stage Free Connie's Country Stage Build
Mr Fitt's SimZum Mat Free Athletic N/A
Ataraxia Leisure Pool Free 50000 Swimming athletic Beach House, Build
Blossom Combivan Free Flower Van Build
Brand Name Wisebuy 100 Simoleons 50 Cooking N/A Includes 3 incredible temperature settings.
Hunt N' Peck T5a 100 Simoleons 50 Writing 10 Writing Includes Q, W, E, R, T AND Y keys, absolutely FREE!
Still Life Easel 100 Simoleons 50 Art N/A With stunning contours and bold lines, it's art in itself!
Moneywell GT3060 350 Simoleons 225 Writing N/A Revolutionary processing, graphics and style circa Y2K.
Portrait Easel 350 Simoleons 225 Art 10 Art Even if you can't paint, leave it around for conversation
Neukum Red 350 Simoleons 225 Music N/A A Chinese knock-off of an absolutely classic great guitar.
Perfect Cup 55 400 Simoleons 275 Cooking 10 Cooking Espresso- so overrated. A Perfect Cups starts perfect days!
Liebefunkenmann SS-10 400 Simoleons 50 Music 10 Music An upgraded musical toy, with added keys and extended legs.
(retiring Aug 22) Prestige Glass Harmonica Table 650 Simoleons 500 Music N/A You'd think you ordinary glasses to play a Glass Harmonica, but have you got the right table, cloth and accompaniments?
Hunt N' Peck GT 900 Simoleons 825 Writing 15 Writing, Build Post-typewriters, pre-computers. The gilded age of typing!
Liebefunkenmann SS-30 900 Simoleons 825 Music 15 Music, Build Stocked with 99 pre-created tunes. Unleash your creativity!
Comic Art Drafting Board 900 Simoleons 825 Art 15 Art, Build Angled for maximum drawing ease and spilled ink draining.
Yosemite Portable BBQ 900 Simoleons 825 Cooking Build Cave-men tech, space-age price. Char-broiled? Twice as nice!
Wafflematic 3T 1000 Simoleons 950 Cooking 30 Cooking, Build Perfect for making wafflesor "waffle-esque" experiments.
Domestica Ringo-Fire Stove 1000 Simoleons 450 Cooking N/A The perfect pot-roast. Divine desserts. Eggs over-easier-than-ever!
WiseFellas Casino Table 1000 Simoleons 950 N/A Build Practice, play or even cheat! Go all in with this supreme quality casino table.
(retiring Aug 22) Coates' Umbrella Stand 500 Social Point 1150 Athletic N/A A wise Sim knows how to handle their umbrella. Come rain or shine, keep your trusty brolly nearby!

Place the stand at some place , with free space around it.

Llamark Cook-Rite 1100 Simoleons 1100 Cooking 15 Cooking, Build A solid class-B working oven for solid class-B working Sims.
Giant Book of Riddles 39 SimCash 5750 Writing N/A Master the art of riddles - learn some, write some... perhaps tell a story or two?
Re-Lux Deluxe Grill 48 SimCash 7100 Cooking 10 Cooking More than just a grill! The Re-Lux Deluxe is a food prep party hub for all outdoor entertaining!
Vespertine Cocktail Bar 1500 Simoleons 1550 Cooking Build Perfect the 'Woohoo On The Beach' and shake the night away at the cocktail bar that every Sim will wish they had.
Venture Grill 1500 Simoleons 1550 Cooking Build There's nothing you can't eat in the great outdoors! Want breakfast? Coming right up!
Jetblack 500 49 SimCash 7250 Cooking 30 Cooking Hours turn to minutes, minutes turn to seconds. Fry one now!
Bradbury Tristar 49 SimCash 7250 Writing 30 Writing Made for browsers, bloggers, tooters and braggers. GoGo Net!
Masterlite Concept Easel 800 55 SimCash 8150 Art 20 Art Free yourself of the restrictions of size on this generously sized canvas.
Percival Penny Farthing 55 SimCash 8150 Driving N/A The eccentric grandfather of bicycles, the wheely and skid marks on the sidewalk. A real rebel!
PixelPower Basic 55 SimCash 8150 Art 30 Art Pen & ink? Archaic relics! Vectors and pixels- for the win!
Landscape Easel 1800 Simoleons 1675 Art 30 Art, Build Sturdy critique-resistant canvas, pigments and attitude.
Benjie's Banjo 59 SimCash 8700 Music N/A He wanted to play violin but his folks gave him a banjo because it rhymed with his name.
Old Faithful 59 SimCash 8700 Music 30 Music A warm, fuzzy, honest, natural-feel piano beyond compare!
Simiyoga Soft-Landing Mat 1000 Social Point 2750 Athletic N/A Perfect your Downward Facing Dog and Corn Tree poses. Padded for reduced bruising effect!
PluckMeister Ltd Edition 1000 Social Point 2800 Music 30 Music, Build A plucking good guitar. 5 Stars from Guitar Star Monthly.
Couplet Poet Pro 2000 Simoleons 1725 Writing 30 Writing, Build Includes ribbon, rhyming dictionary. Talent sold separately.
iPlum Desktop 65 SimCash 9600 Writing N/A Only the coolest Sims will have an iPlum; it turns surfing the Internet into a life statement.
Philosopher's Chaise Longue 65 SimCash 9600 Writing N/A What is the best position to ponder the Big Questions? This is the very question posed by thinkers, dreamers and lazy Sims.
Smoothie's Saxaphone 69 SimCash 10200 Music N/A
Amour Dinner for Two 2500 Simoleons 2000 Dinner For Two Build
Amour Edition Typewriter 2500 Simoleons 2000 Writing Build
Limelight Mic Stand 2500 Simoleons 2000 Music Build
Gaia Spirit Tree 85 SimCash 12550 Writing N/A
Japanese Easel 2700 Simoleons 2150 Art 25 Art
Amour Edition Stove 89 SimCash 13150 Cooking N/A
Wilderness Camp Fire 89 SimCash 13150 Cooking N/A
Atlas Free Weights 89 SimCash 13150 Athletic N/A
Mr Fitt's Jump-n-Lean Trampoline 89 SimCash 13150 Athletic N/A
Ice 'n' Chisel Set 3000 Simoleons 2350 Art 30 Art, Build
DraftBlast Artboard 2350 Art 42 Art, Build
Vegas NiteLife Stage 99 SimCash 14650 Athletic N/A
Chimeway Princess 99 SimCash 14650 Music 15 Music
Lonely Mermaid Sculpture 3200 Simoleons 2500 Art Build
Oasis Master Brick Oven 109 SimCash 16100 Cooking N/A
Moneywell RSi 2775 Writing 42 Writing, Build
Audikey PureTone Lazer Harp 119 SimCash 17600 Music
LifeLike™ Archery Range 129 SimCash 19050 Athletic N/A
Key-Note 3050 Music 42 Music, Build
Mr Füd's Ice Cream Maker 4800 Simoleons 3600 Cooking Build
DyKoTami Coffee Machine 7000 Simoleons 4900 Cooking 30 Cooking, Build
Fearless Snake Charming Kit 7500 Simoleons 5200 Music Build
Melena's Bongos 10000 Simoleons 6400 Music 20 Music, Build
Holiday Stove 15000 Simoleons 6300 Cooking N/A
G King Counter 15000 Social Point 21250 Cooking Build
Bill's Bucking Bronco 11350 Athletic 5 Athletic, Build
RekTek Karaoke Machine 33000 Simoleons 12250 Music Build
XRunner 3000 Home Edition 35000 Simoleons 12800 Athletic Build
Chimeway Emperor 35000 Simoleons 12800 Music 15 Music, Build
SimPhonic DJ Master Deck 35000 Simoleons 12800 Music 10 Music, Build
Moore & Woode Grand Piano 14100 Music 95 Music
Diesel DJ Turntables 60000 Simoleons 18000 Music N/A
Sealox Luxury Yacht ... ... N/A Beach House Docked outside your vacation home, this beauty will be the envy of every seafaring Sim 1,000 pixels away!

Our biggest item ever! Complete this project to unlock new interactions!

SupaHapiTime Pinata 100000 Simoleons 19450 Athletic N/A The candy! You've got to get to the candy! And thanks to EZfil techniques, you can have candy fun over and over again!