Characters in the Sims Social (with the exception of Bella Goth) are not interactive as a Sim. Most will appear in pop-ups with set dialogue that initiates a quest. Others will appear in non-quest game pop-ups, such as Barbara Belle who will offer you the opportunity to spend Sim Cash for more energy when you are out.

There are also seasonal characters who will appear for specific holidays, such as Halloween.

Regular Littlehaven Characters

Other Sim Characters

Character Information Picture

Gustav Heimlich

Gustav Heimlich is Littlehaven's spiritual counsellor and holistic healer. He is good looking and charismatic...but would you trust him?
Gustav 60seconds-greenblue

Seasonal / Limited Time Characters

These characters are only around for a short period of time, often having to do with a holiday.


These celebrities were mentioned as appearing soon on the Sims Social Blog, but so far haven't appeared in the game.

Reference Images from The Sims Social Facebook page and a Sims Social fansite

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