There are currently four types of currencies in the Sims Social:
  • Simoleons
  • SimCash
  • Social Points
  • Lifetime Points


Main article: Simoleons Simoleons

Simoleons are the main currency in the game. They are earned for non-social actions, such as Skill building, completing quests or tending to the Yard around your Sim's house.

Items bought with Simoleons will sell for one tenth (1/10th) of their original buying price. You are safe to sell the items that are always available in the shops, if you need to make room in your storage and simply because you can easily earn the Simoleons again over time to repurchase them if necessary. Ideally you should start selling off the cheaper items first of course. Do NOT sell items that are no longer available in the shop.


Main article: SimCash SimCash

SimCash is a secondary currency in the game, and must be purchased with real life money and/or Facebook Credits. A player receives 20 SimCash at the beginning of the game. Unlike other online games (such as FarmVille or CityVille by Zynga), the player does not receive any additional SimCash through leveling up or other aspects of gameplay. You can gain SimCash for free by completing special offers in game (through ads) or through the daily bonus for logging in for five continuous days.

Items bought with (or worth) SimCash will sell for 10 Simoleons for each SimCash the item costs, so if you have the Wilderness Camp Fire for example and bought it for 59 SimCash, it will sell for 590 Simoleons if you try to sell it, which needless to say is a very bad deal. You should NEVER, ever, sell items worth SimCash, which also includes the majority of items rewarded to the player for completing weekly quests.

Social Points

Main article: Social Points Social Point

Social Points are gained by interactions with people. They can be used to buy objects for your house or clothes, although sometimes you must construct the furniture.

Items bought with Social Points will sell for the equivalent amount in Simoleons, so if for example you have the PluckMeister Ltd Edition Guitar, which is worth 1000 Social Points, and try to sell it, you would receive 1000 Simoleons for the sale instead of the Social Points, a very bad deal. Ideally, you should never sell items that you have bought with Social Points as they are hard to get.

Lifetime Points

Main article: Lifetime Points Lifetime Point Sign

Lifetime points are gained by doing quests and leveling up skills. They are only used to buy and upgrade traits for your Sim.

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