Double Rainbow is a multi-part quest given by the character Fleur.

This quest is preceded by the A Welcome Gift beginner quest. Completing this quest unlocks the Press A for Adventure quest.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

Minimum Cost: 100 Simoleons for Portrait Easel

Quest Walkthrough

Image Achievement Part Description Notes Reward
Double Rainbow pt1 The Essence of Art 1
  • Collect red essence from red objects (3x)
  • Collect green essence from green objects (3x)
  • Collect blue essence from blue objects (3x)
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 3 Energ, 1 Muse (Items)
Double Rainbow pt2 All White Now 2
  • Collect white essence from white objects (7x)
  • Click on Items around your house, such as microwave, counters, plants, etc.
  • White Essence will be consumed
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 45 Simoleons, 3 Energ
Double Rainbow pt3 Brushing Up 3
  • Ask for paintbrushes (3x)
  • Clean 1 dirty item
  • Post a story to your news feed asking for item; Paintbrushes will be consumed.
  • Dirty items either at friend's or at home work
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 3 Energ
DoubleRainbow4 What Does This Mean? 4
  • Become inspired
  • Paint Double Rainbow (7x)
  • Weep in Wonder (3x)
50 Lifetime Point Sign, Glorious Rainbow Painting