The Driving Skill is one of seven basic Skills that can be developed in The Sims Social. It was added on May 24, 2012 during the Drivers Wanted Week.

Currently, you can level your writing skill up to 301 without SimCash. With SimCash, you can reach level 331.

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Driving Skill Instruments

Current Furniture

The following instruments are currently available for purchase in the shop under the skills heading and in the Cars section.

Skill Object Level Cost Type Requirements House Value Levels Simoleons
DragonBug 270  ? Free Simoleons Completing the A Lofty Challenge! quest on time 0 30 35
Presto 20 Free Is the upgraded version of the Sterling 0 25 32
Sterling 0 Free Simoleons Nothing 0 20 30

Current Projects

Furniture Level Cost Type Requirements House Value Levels Simoleons
Sealox Luxury Yacht Free Build the object & Beach House location 100000 27 39

Retired Furniture

The following instruments can no longer be obtained. It was either available for a limited time in the shop, or it was a reward from a quest that is no longer available.

Skill Object Level Cost Type Requirements House Value Levels Simoleons
Alabaster 6.25 Ltr  ? 99 SimCash Completing the Make Mine Mysterious! quest on time 50000 28 34
ArcSteam Automobile Free Simoleons Building the object 50000 26 39
Dark Horse Chariot  ? Free Simoleons Completing the Welcome To Your Halloween Castle! quest on time 50000 26 38
FlyAway Hot Air Balloon 8500 Simoleons Completing the Victorian Values! quest on time 7225 26 39
Lucky Dragon Mount  ? Free Simoleons Completing the The Wizard's Apprentice] quest on time 20000 24 35
Magestica Reindeer Sled  ? 5000 Social Point Completing the Memories, Oh, Memories! quest on time 10300 26 39
Percival Penny Farthing 0 55 SimCash None 8150 30 35
Scidaddle City Scooter  ? 69 SimCash Completing the ANNIVERSARY FUN! quest on time 10200 19 28
Unsinkable Love Boat Free Simoleons Completing the Oceans Of Love quest on time 0 24 39

Driving Skill Leveling Up Rewards

When a new Skill level is achieved, the player earns a reward of Lifetime Points. On some intermediate levels, additional rewards are provided.

Level Reward
1-19 20 Lifetime Point Sign
20 20 Lifetime Point Sign, 10 Simoleons, 15 Experience Point
21-44 20 Lifetime Point Sign
45 20 + 20 Lifetime Point Sign


  • The Driving Skill is the only major Skill that does not give out Muse on leveling up to special levels.
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