Energy Re-energizers

You can buy these items to re-boost your energy.

Energy is required for most actions that benefit your Sim. For example, social actions that will change your Sim's relationship status and increase their social need, or Skill actions that will increase your skill level all will cost you energy.

Energy slowly regenerates over time. It is almost always spent individually, the exception being some Career jobs.

Most Sims have a maximum of 15 Energy, or 16 (by completing the Drivers Wanted Week quest). You can temporarily have more than the maximum energy by collecting it from quests or the daily login bonus; however most of the time you will have a cap of 15. Using Energy that you bought or got from a gift will not make you exceed 15 Energy, with the exception of the +30 Energy boost you can buy below.

Regeneration Time

You will automatically regain 1 energy every 5 minutes. This means that in 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) you will regain the full 15 energy.

During the three Penthouse quest weeks of Sim In The City, Living The Dream Week, and The High Life, the regeneration rate was half the normal time (one energy every 2:30).

Extra Energy

If you are running low and still want to do energy tasks, you can use the below energy packs. These are a type of Backpack Item and can be used any time to give you instant energy. Some of these can be gotten for free while playing, while others can be purchased for SimCash.

Picture How to Get Recharges Energy
1 Energy
Ask friends for Gift or from Quests +1
3 Energy
Leveling Up or from Quests +3
5 Energy
Crafting or Pay 6 SimCash +5
+10 Energy
Pay 9 SimCash +10
15 Energy
Pay 12 SimCash +15
30 Energy
Pay 22 SimCash +30

Energy Bonuses

Sometimes playing in game will give you bonus energy. This energy is collected on the spot and cannot be used later on. You can receive bonus Energy by doing the following:

  • Meeting a new neighbor.
    • 3 Energ
  • Greeting neighbors daily
    • 5 Bonus Energ to be spent only at the house of the neighbor you visited.
    • 1 Energ after using the above mentioned bonus Energies. This is energy you can spend anywhere.
  • Drops randomly after an action (Rare drop)
    • E.g. Playing guitar, cutting Grass, etc.
  • Doing Quests
  • Talking to Neighbors