Garden Plot
Garden Plot
Shop Category: Outdoor
Size: 1 x 1

A Garden Plot is a square of land where you can plant crops. Technically, this plot is an object. Your Sim will start out the game with four plots pre-planted with Strawberries. Most people place the plots in their Yard.

If you accidentally sell your plot, you can buy it back in the Outdoor section of the shop.

You are ordinarily allowed a maximum of four plots. However, if you have completed the limited time Relaxathon quest, you are allowed an additional fifth plot. You can also purchase a fifth plot for reaching a player level of 160 (the highest). Prior to the level cap increase during July of 2012, you needed to reach a level 100 to purchase this item.

Item Interactions

At Home

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Plant 0 Energ Brings up list of crops to plant None Garden plot is empty
Pick 1 Energ Harvests Crop, Gives Simoleons according to crop type. Herbs (Items) Crop is mature but not withered
Remove 1 Energ Removes Crop None Crop is either withered or immature

Visiting Friends

Interaction Cost Effect / Reward Possible Drops Requirements
Revive 1 Energ Revives dead crop for friend None Crop is withered
Pee on Plot 1 Energ Fulfills +1 Fun None Mean relationship with Sim


There are a variety of crops you can plant in your garden plot.

When you plant a crop, note the number next to the watch icon. This is how long it will take your crop to mature. Once this time has elapsed, you can click on the crop to harvest it. You will have the same amount of time that it took to mature to harvest the crop. If you do not harvest your crop in time, it will die and you must either expend energy to remove it or have a friend revive it in order to use the garden plot again. It is currently possible to clear a plot by moving it into storage and removing it again, but this may be a bug and cannot be relied upon.

Regular Crops

These crops are available all year round.

Player levels required to plant the seeds

Strawberries, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Pumpkins are readily available to plant from level 1 (?).

The level requirements for the other seeds are as follows:

Chili level 5, Watermelon 6, Grapes 8, Pineapples 15, Wheat Grass ?

As a curiosity, Wheat Grass only yields 10 experience when harvested, unlike all the other seeds which give 20 (double experience). I think this is a bug, which renders this type of crop pretty much useless really.

Chili Grapes Lettuce Pineapples Pumpkins Strawberries Tomatoes Watermelon Wheat Grass

Special Crops

These crops were around for a limited time or introduced as new crops. Crystal Tree Energy Flower Winter Pine

Yellow FlowerPurple FlowerOrange FlowerRed Flower

Rose Bush

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