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The Haunted Music Skill is one of four limited Haunted Skills that can be developed in The Sims Social. This skill was released during Halloween (October) 2011 and is linked to one object: the Haunted Organ.
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Haunted Music Skill Instruments

You can use these objects to improve in Haunted Music Skill :

Object Name Level Skill Req. Cost/Requirements Add the :
Haunted Organ 0 7500 Simoleons, 5 Witches Hat (Items), 5 Toads (Items), 5 Glass Eyes (Items) 5200 House Value

Haunted Organ

Completing all skill levels for this item will give you a new item, the Infernal Organ. This is just a gold recoloring of the original Haunted Organ, and has the same completed skill levels as the Haunted Organ.

Image Task Level Skill Req. Requirements Earn
Haunting Melody
Haunting Melody 0 N/A 23 Simoleons
Ghost Sims in the Sky icon
Ghost Sims in the Sky 1 2 Witches Hat (Items) 24 Simoleons
Monster Smash 2 2 Fury (Items), 1 Hammer (Items) 25 Simoleons
The Un-Grateful Dead
The Un-Grateful Dead 4 5 Trick and Treat (Items), 1 Nails (Items), 1 Fear 26 Simoleons
Music For The Undead Masses
Music for the Undead Masses 6 3 Fury (Items), 4 Witches Hat (Items), 5 Groove (Items) 27 Simoleons
Haunted music-wild sim
Wild Sim 8 6 Herbs (Items), 12 Toads (Items) 28 Simoleons
HauntedMusic Chiller
Chiller 10 6 Ice, 6 Trick and Treat (Items), 6 Toads (Items) 29 Simoleons
Like a Sim Out of Hell 13 10 Fury (Items), 3 Nails (Items), 2 Fear 30 Simoleons
Black Cat Jazz
Black Cat Jazz 16 10 Groove (Items), 16 Trick and Treat (Items), 8 Plans (Items), 3 Fury (Items) 31 Simoleons
Some-Sim's Watching Me
Some-Sim's watching me 19 10 Toads (Items), 10 Trick and Treat (Items), 20 Glass Eyes (Items), 3 Fury (Items) 32 Simoleons

Haunted Music Skill Levels

When a new Skill level is achieved, the player earns a reward of Lifetime Points. On some intermediate levels, additional rewards are provided, or gold version objects under Shop are unlocked.

Level Unlocks Rewards
0 Haunted Organ -
1 Unlock Ghost Sims in the Sky Task 15 Lifetime Point Sign
2 Unlock Monster Smash Task
4 Unlock Un-Gateful Dead Task
6 Unlock Music for the Undead Masses Task
8 Unlock Wild Sim Task
10 Unlock Chiller Task
13 Unlock Like a Sim Out of Hell Task
16 Unlock Black Cat Jazz Task
19 Unlock Some-Sim's watching me Task

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