In A Fix quest

In A Fix is a multi-part quest given by the character Jessica. Finishing the Shining Example quest unlocks this quest.

Quest Requirements

You will need the following items to complete the quest:

  • 3 Friends
  • 1 Goodwill (Items)
  • 3 Wrench (Items)

Minimum cost: 1250 Simoleons

  • 1250 Simoleons for cheapest room (4 x 4) -- Buy at Part 3, Build at Part 4

Quest Walkthrough

Image Achievement Part Description Notes Reward
In A Fix feed pt1 Getting Your Fix 1
  • Perform maintenance on 5 things
  • Any item you can interact with is good
30Lifetime Point Sign, 75 Simoleons
In A Fix feed pt2 A Hex on You 2
  • Have 3 Wrenches
  • Chat with 3 other Sims
  • Wrenches will be consumed
  • Visit 3 Sims and choose "Chat" - will randomly show up so keep trying.
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 40 Experience Point
In A Fix feed pt3 Plumb Loco 3
  • Repair 1 shower, sink, bath or toilet
  • Buy a new room
  • Repair either at home or at a friend's
  • Buy any room, but DON'T BUILD IT yet
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 100 Simoleons
In A Fix feed pt4 Circuit Training 4
  • Finish building your new room
  • Now have friends help you finish it by sending requests
30 Lifetime Point Sign, 30 Experience Point
In A Fix feed pt5 Assembly Required 5
  • Add 1 neighbor
  • Have 5 Goodwill
  • If you already have a neighbor, just exit the game then log back in. This tick will be fulfilled
  • Goodwill will be consumed
50 Lifetime Point Sign, 150 Simoleons, 1 Nails (Items), 1 Hammer (Items)