Land expansion
Lot Expansion is the only way to increase the size of your Sim's lot around your Sim's house. You do this by:
  1. Applying for a permit, then
  2. Choose an expansion plot to build on

Once you have been approved to build and have chosen your plot, you will have to wait a period of time for your plot to become available to build on. This time span is dependent on how many plots you already have.

Expansion Plot Requirements

Expansion plots are unlocked by a combination of having a certain House Value and your Sim's level. Unlocking plots just allows you to buy them - the land is not immediately available for you to build on. You have to get a permit first.

Plot House Value Player Level Time until lot is available
1 25k 10 1 minute
2 30k 11 5 minutes
3 70k 12 30 minutes
4 80k 14 1 hour
5 90k 16 2 hours
6 100k 19 4 hours
7 120k 22 8 hours
8 140k 26 12 hours
9 170k 31 1 day
10 200k 38 2 days
11 250k 45 3 days

Land Permit Requirements

To apply for a permit, click on one of the "For Sale" signs around your lot. If you don't see any of the signs, you either haven't met the level requirements to unlock more plots, or you have reached the maximum plots allowed.

A permit requires Simoleons, Contracts and Signatures. You get contracts by sending individual requests to friends. You collect signatures by posting a story to your news feed and having friends click on it. You will need more of everything for each subsequent plot you add to your house.

Plot Simoleons # of Contracts # of Signatures Hurry Up Cost
1 2000 Simoleons 3 1 1 SimCash
2 3000 Simoleons 5 1 3 SimCash
3 5000 Simoleons 7 3 8 SimCash
4 7000 Simoleons 9 3 10 SimCash
5 8000 Simoleons 12 3 12 SimCash
6 10000 Simoleons 15 4 14 SimCash
7 15000 Simoleons 15 5 16 SimCash
8 12500 Simoleons 15 5 20 SimCash
9 12500 Simoleons 20 5 20 SimCash
10 15000 Simoleons 20 7 25 SimCash
11 20000 Simoleons 25 9 40 SimCash

Your New Plot

Land expansion award
Once you have chosen which plot to expand, you cannot undo it. This section of land is fixed; you can't move it around if you decide you wanted to expand your lot in a different direction.

While you are waiting for the new plot to appear, it will show up on your map with a pending notice. Once it is completed, it will appear gift-wrapped like a large present. You can pay Sim Cash to "hurry up" the process, if you are very impatient. Once the waiting time is finished, click to unwrap the present and reveal the land.

Your new plot will come covered in weeds. You will have to expend a lot of energy to clear out the space in order to place anything, so keep this in mind when you are looking to expand. Some people love the chance to get extra cash, while others hate having to use so much energy.

Expansion Gifts

In addition to having a new space to build rooms, some lots will come with a "gift" which is hidden in the weeds. You have to build these gifts in order to use them, or you could just leave them lying around your lot. These gifts all require a lot of materials to build, and don't really add much to your house value. They are interesting to look at and interact with, however.

Gift Layout

Layout and gifts are as follows, where Starting Lot indicates the space you begin the game with.

Fountain of Ruth No gift Ancient Park Bench Swing Thing Optimatum Pride
Human G Gnome Starting Lot No gift
No gift Rockin' Horse
Bike Curious Easter Island Guy
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