The Midnight Grove is an extra house located in the spooky forrest area of Littlehaven that your Sim can own. You can purchase this home (for free) in the locations menu.

Owning the Midnight Grove is required to complete the tutorial quest, Your Very Own Halloween Castle!. It also unlocks several items in the store to purchase.

How to Get

Property Midnight Grove announcement

You can find the Midnight Grove by clicking on the Locations button to bring up the world map.

To own this home, you must:

Once you have met the criteria and clicked the 'Free' sign in the locations menu, you can enter and decorate your home.

Midnight Grove Home

Midnight Grove

You are given the grove with several areas behind locked gates and items that need to be cleared from the Yard. There are several items laying around your lot that you will need to build to use, including:

In addition to the furniture items, there are 3 project items:

Midnight Grove Yard

The following items will appear in the Yard of this location and must be cleared. Depending on how far into the quests you are, the item drops may change (you may see only a few of these options).

Image Name Drops
Dark Bramble Dark Bramble Snake Scales (item), Snake Fangs (item), Metamaterial, Werewolf Claw (item), Werewolf Fur (item)
Dark Creature Dark Creature Werewolf Claw (item), Werewolf Fur (item), Wolfsbane
Halloween Ghosts Halloween Ghosts Fiction Book (Items), Fear
Hand Hand Of Horror Plot Twist, Fiction Book (Items), Silver (Item)
Lagoon Snake Lagoon Snake Snake Scales (item), Snake Fangs (item), Slimey Goop (item)
Scarecrowyard Scarecrows Werewolf Claw (item), Saw(Item)
Skull (yard) Skull (yard) Plot Twist, Fiction Book (Items), Muse (Items), Saw(Item), Paint (Items), Werewolf Fur (item)
Vampire Vampire Silver (Item), Glass Eyes (Items), Saw(Item)
Candypail Candy Pail Plot Twist, Paint (Items), Duster
Squished pumpkin Squished Pumpkin Power Drill, Silver (Item)

Special weekly themed animals and lot items do not appear at the Midnight Grove.

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