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Neat is a type of trait in the Sims Social. According to the in-game description, Neat Sims:
"Put the fast in fastidious, they love keeping things clean and do it without delay."

Just like other games in The Sims series, a Neat Sim will like to be neat and tidy. The Sim will fulfill the Fun need while cleaning dirty items. They also unlock a new social action "Clean Sim."


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 100 Lifetime Point Sign Faster than average at cleaning and smart enough to wash their hands. Sim begins to wash hands automatically after using the toilet. Sim will begin to clean when idle.
2 200 Lifetime Point Sign Doesn't just clean faster than usual, they have fun doing it. Fun level increases from cleaning.
3 400 Lifetime Point Sign Even faster at cleaning. Sim can use negative action "Clean Sim" when visiting another Sim (will appear as social action option after at least one mean interaction)
4 600 Lifetime Point Sign Sometimes this Sim can gives things a polish too.
5 1000 Lifetime Point Sign A supreme cleaning machine.
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