Night Owl
Night Owl is a type of trait your Sim can have in The Sims Social. This trait is focused on the Sleep need. According to the in-game description, a Night-Owl Sim can:
"Stay inspired longer as Night Owl Sims need less sleep than most."

A Night Owl Sim will fulfill the Fun need while sleeping. Their Sleep need will also decline much more slowly than the typical Sim.

Note: Equipping this trait will allow your Sim to become bored after using the sleep action twice, and your Sim will refuse to sleep any more. This may be problematic if you use the Sleep action to farm Dream InspirationDreams, Soft Pillow, or Nightcap Backpack Items.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 50 Lifetime Point Sign Can stay awake longer. -
2 150 Lifetime Point Sign Can stay awake even longer. Sleeping increases Fun level, as well as Sleep level
3 300 Lifetime Point Sign Can stay awake longer still. -
4 700 Lifetime Point Sign Can stay awake an inhuman amount of time. -
5 1200 Lifetime Point Sign What is this sleep you speak of? -
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