Ninja is one of the many traits in The Sims Social. According to the in-game decription Sim ninjas are:
"Just like ninjas of old, super fast and able to teleport."

Having the Ninja trait gives the player to ability to walk quickly. The higher your level in this trait, the higher the a chance that the player will teleport instantly to the location you indicated or run quickly.

NOTE: Teleportation cannot be used to travel to (and then interact with items located at) Quest Locked Areas.

This trait also occasionally unlocks special interactions with objects, like the 'Ninja Clip' interaction with the Wonderland Topiary.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 150 Lifetime Point Sign Walks faster than normal. Sometimes in a particularly ninja kind of way. Sim occasionally uses "ninja run" to move (arms back, sound effect)
2 300 Lifetime Point Sign Walks even faster and sometimes even ninja-teleports. Sim will occasionally teleport to move
3 700 Lifetime Point Sign Walks faster still and is even more likely to teleport. Sim is more likely to teleport.
4 1000 Lifetime Point Sign Walks extremely fast and is more likely again to teleport. Sim is even more likely to teleport.
5 1500 Lifetime Point Sign A ninja among ninjas. Increase of ninja-like activities.
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