Ogre is one of the many traits your Sim can have in the Sims Social. According to the game description, Sims who are Ogres are:
"The very last Sim you'd ever, ever want to invite to a dinner party. Ever."

Having this trait equipped causes the Sims to act like an ogre, for example, farting and burping and not caring what its walks through or sleeps on. Green gas clouds will float around your Sim's house; you can wave a cloud away for XP. Being an ogre also unlocks several negative social actions.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 100 Lifetime Point Sign Burps and farts when left to their own devices. Burps and farts when idle.
2 200 Lifetime Point Sign

Doesn't care about water puddles and is a flatulant sleeper.

Walks through water puddles normally (as opposed to the careful walking that non-Ogre sims do).
3 500 Lifetime Point Sign

Can insult others with flatulence.

Can use negative action "Fart" against other sims.
4 800 Lifetime Point Sign Kicks out a Super Fart so thick you can see it. Can use negative action "Super Fart" against other sims - cloud of green gas appears and sim must "Wave It Away" to make it disappear (triggered by clicking on cloud).
5 1250 Lifetime Point Sign Not affected by dirt and could clear a room in seconds. Clearning dirty objects no longer costs any energy.
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