The Little Apple Penthouse is an extra house located in the downtown area of Little Apple that your Sim can own. Once all the rooms are unlocked, you can build rooms and place objects in it just like your normal home.

Owning the Penthouse is a step in completing the tutorial quest, A Lofty Challenge!. It also unlocks several items in the store to purchase.

How to Get

Little Apple Penthouse New

You can find the Penthouse by clicking on the Locations button to bring up the world map.

To own this home, you must:

  • Be Level 15 or higher
  • Unlock A Lofty Challenge! quest (by reaching level 15)
  • As of the time of this writing (Mar. 5, 2013) level 24 is required to receive the Penthouse property.

Once you have met the criteria and clicked the 'For Sale' sign in the locations menu, you can enter and decorate your home.

Penthouse Home


You are given the loft with several pieces of boxed furniture and items that need to be cleared all over the floors. There are several items laying around your lot that you will need to build to use, including:

In addition to the furniture items, there are five project items:

Penthouse Rooms

The Penthouse appears on a building top, rather than the usual yard at the normal house. Instead of weeds, the following items will appear in new rooms and must be cleared:

Image Drops
Boxes Screws, Fashion Accessories (Item), Glass
Clutter Screws, Fashion Accessories (Item)
Garbage penthouse Screws, Fashion Accessories (Item)
Newspapers Fashion Magazine (Item), Makeup Item, Glamour (Item), Dusty Letter (Item)

Special weekly themed animals and lot items do not appear at the Penthouse.

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