Every Sim has a personality, which you will choose when creating your Sim for the first time. Afterward, you can change your Personality for 50 SimCash SimCash any time, but this is expensive and may cost you real money. Your Sim can only have one personality, unlike Traits where you can have up to six .

Personalities when first introduced determined the more superficial things in the game, such as what TV stations you can watch; no one personality seemed to have an advantage over another. As of February 2012 however, the Sims Social is starting to add the idea of more specialized advantages to having one personality over another.

Personality Types

Image Name Description Action when Idle
Pers 0009 Athlete Life isn't a journey to an athletic Sim, it's a triathlon, and they're determined to get 1st place.

Plays with Basketball
Pers 0002 Creative Creative Sims yearn to capture the hidden beauty of life. They also enjoy cross stitching. Writing in a book.
Pers 0006 Geek You name a sci-fi series, and this Sim will have the limited edition boxset with included artbook.

  • A geek will get more fun from using a computer than a TV.
  • Geek Sims can do the new interactions: "Download Cheat Codes", and "Hack Computer".
  • Social interaction "Lightsaber Fight"
Flashing a lightsaber around.
Pers 0007 Introvert

More likely to be found in deep thought than deep conservation, introverts prefer their own company.

  • New social interaction "Let's Introspect!"
  • Can "Commune" with fish in tanks to improve Social and Fun needs
Reads Book
Pers 0003 Rocker Masters of the air guitar and singing in the shower. May ever learn a real instrument one day. Playing Air Guitar
Pers 0004 Romantic

Falling in love comes as easily to them as their natural charm. Just don't go breaking their hearts.

  • Romantic interactions have a higher level of success with this Sim
  • New social interaction "Recite Poetry"
Smells Rose
Pers 0001 Socialite

Socialite Sims are either the center of attention or they're elbowing their way into it.

  • New social interaction "Toast"
Drinking Champagne
Pers 0008 Tycoon

For tycoon Sims, money isn't everything. It's MUCH more important than that.

  • New social interaction "Show Off Wealth"
Idle: Checking how much money they have.
Pers 0005 Villain

Would sell their own granny for kicks, then buy her back just so they could sell her again.

  • New social interaction "Pickpocket"
Rubs hands together acting evil.
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