Pets are free moving characters (either dogs or cats), that will wander your house in the same way a visiting Sim would. Pets have their own personalities and interactions, similar to Sims.

You can gain new interactions and unlock more breeds by training each pet and earning Pet Stars. Pets were added during Pets: A Sim's Best Friend Week in November 2012.

Getting A Pet

Adopt Dog
Dog adoption


Your Sim must be at least a level 12 in order to adopt a pet in addition to the requirements below:



Polar Bear

Baby Deer

Adopt Your Pet

Once you complete the requirements, you can click on the pet house and 'Select Pet' to open the Pet Selector menu. Click on adopt under the first pet on the list to open the adopt pet screen.

In the Adopt Pet screen you can choose the name and coat color for your pet. Each breed comes with it's own personality. As you train your pet, more options for breeds and interactions will become available.

Once you click on "Adopt" in the Adopt Pet Screen, you will see a congratulations notification with a picture of your newly chosen pet and their name. You will need several Backpack Items to be able to click the adopt button.


Pet Star 1

In order to unlock new pets and get more pet accessories you need earn Pet Stars through training. Training your animal is the same as using any other skill item in the game- you'll need to use Energy and Backpack Items to unlock skill stages.

See the Cats or Dogs pages for more info on breed training levels, or use the list below.

Pet Breeds




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