Skills in The Sims Social will unlock objects and are a great way to earn money in the game. Your earnings while performing skill tasks are directly tied to your Sim's needs; when your Sim is inspired, you will gain more money and have a better chance of having backpack items drop.

Skill Basics Explained

Every skill begins at level 0. A player earns skill levels by interacting with Skill objects.

Each Skill object will have a list of tasks to complete (i.e. documents/recipes/artwork/musical pieces/etc.) to build Skill points. These tasks may require a minimum Skill level to access, and may also require backpack items to unlock.

Every task requires multiple actions (i.e. spent energy) to complete. When all actions are performed to filly full the task bar, a Skill point is earned. The task can be done in the future for chances to earn Simoleons and more backpack items, but only a limited number of Skill points (up to 4) can be earned from completing each task. Therefore, once all tasks for a skill object have been completed, a new Skill instrument must be purchased in order to unlock new Skill levels. In order to build Skills, it is necessary to use multiple skill items.

Doing Skill interactions with Skill objects will drop backpack items and Simoleons. When a skill task is completed, a Skill point will also drop, allowing the player to level up the skill.

Types of Skills

Regular Skills

There are seven basic skills that a Sim can develop:

Artskill.png Athletic.png Cookingskill.png Drivingskill.png Logic Skill Icon.png Musicskill.png Writingskill.png
Art Athletic Cooking Driving Logic Music Writing

Halloween Skills

The Halloween skills are a special holiday-themed skill and are linked to a limited-time object. Unlike Project Item Skills, you do not "build" the object.

Haunted Art Skill
Haunted Cooking Skill
Haunted Music Skill
Haunted Writing Skill
Haunted Art Haunted Cooking Haunted Music Haunted Writing

Project Item Skills

Some skills are linked to a specific object. As you level up the skill, you build more of the object and unlock interactions with it.


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