Slob is one of the many traits in The Sims Social. According to the in-game description, "Slobs are relatively unconcerned by mess and even thrive in filth... much to other Sims' dismay."

Just like the Sims 3, a Slovenly Sim will care less about their Hygiene need. They will not be frustrated by (that is, complain about) low hygiene. Also, your Sim will be less likely to refuse to do certain actions / object interactions when they are dirty.

This is a similar trait to the Ogre trait, but without the farting and burping. The limited time quest Happy New Year required that you have this trait equipped in order to complete the quest.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 75 Lifetime Point Sign Less concerned by low hygiene.
2 150 Lifetime Point Sign Even less concerned by low hygiene
3 300 Lifetime Point Sign Who needs a toilet when you have a shower or bath? Taking a shower or bath fulfills your Bladder need in addition to the normal Hygiene need.
4 600 Lifetime Point Sign The kind of slob other slobs aspire to be. Unlock new mean social interaction "Burp".
5 1200 Lifetime Point Sign Your trashcan is now a buffet. Unlock new action "Eat from trashcan", satisfies hunger needs.
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