Social Points Bar Example
Social Points are one of the three types of Currencies in the Sims Social. They are represented by a blue plumbob (3D-diamond) shape.

How to Earn

You can earn Social Points by:

  • Doing social interactions with Sim neighbors
  • Reaching new relationship levels with Sim neighbors
  • Converting SimCash into Social Points
  • Completing Quests
  • Visiting the Sims Social Fan Page, which will occasionally give away free Social Points. These offers are usually only valid for a few days, so check it often! You must "Like" this page on Facebook in order to see and accept the postings.
  • Wall posts


Furni. that Requires Social Points

Furniture that requires Social Points.

You can use Social Points to buy objects and clothes for your Sim. Some objects (especially Furniture) may still require Backpack Items in order to construct.

So far there are no objects or clothes that cost a mixture of currencies; nothing will cost both Simoleons and Social Points.

Quests will sometimes require that you buy an item that costs Social Points. It is recommended to keep a reserve of Social points around in case you need to buy something in a pinch for one of the limited-time quests.