SuperMechanic is one of the many traits your Sim can have in the Sims Social. This trait is mainly focused on repairing objects, and is similar to the Handiness trait in The Sims 3. According to the in-game description, SuperMechanic Sims are:
"The kind of Sim you could lock in a garage and they'd come smashing out in a car made of hammers."

Having this trait equipped means your Sim will fulfill +1 Fun every time they repair an object. High level SuperMechanics also will repair an object very quickly.


Level Cost to Upgrade Description Benefits
1 50 Lifetime Point Sign Repairs faster than average. Fun level increases when Sim repairs broken items
2 150 Lifetime Point Sign Repairs faster than average and has fun doing it. -
3 300 Lifetime Point Sign Repairs even faster than average. -
4 500 Lifetime Point Sign Repairs faster still. -
5 750 Lifetime Point Sign Repairs in the blink of an eye. Well almost. -
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