This is an ongoing list of things we need help with to improve this wiki. If you're looking for a way to help out but aren't sure where to start, check out the list below.

If you see something that needs some TLC, please feel free to add it to the list. (Try to include links or be as specific as possible).

Reminder: Once you've completed an item, please put a strike-through over that text on the list so we can check it over and remove it. As always, many thanks!

General To Do

Halloween Items and Christmas Items

Quest Pages

  • Make sure ALL quest pages have screenshots, links to backpack items and equipments
  • Figure out main multi-part quest order. Once finished, create table/chart

Clothing Pages

Missing Build Requirements

The following items are missing building requirements, feel free to purchase one and build it for the good of the wiki! (Remember once it is build to add a screen shot of the newsfeed).

Week Themes

This category is fairly intensive. We're trying to add in all the items from each theme week. The following table is a list of each theme week and any missing items we may have left.

Not all the early theme weeks had new clothing items, so there may be permanently empty spots on this table. (Newer theme weeks are on top)

Week Theme Shop Items Build Clothes Male Clothes Female Quests/Rewards
Adidas And Toyota Week 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A Check
Adidas And Toyota Week 2 Check N/A N/A N/A Check
Adidas And Toyota Week N/A N/A Check Check Check
Detective Week Check Check Check Check Check
Desert Dreams Week Check Check Check Check Check
Popstar Week Check Check Check Check Check
Abracadabra Week Check Check Check Check Check
Fairy Spa Week Check
Irish Week Check
Defeat All Evil Week Check
Damsel In Distress Week Check
Kingdom of Simelot Week Check
Mistress of Luck Week Check
Secret Garden of Love Week Check
Cupid's Crisis Week Check
T.S.S. Unsinkable Week 2 Check
T.S.S. Unsinkable Week 1 Check
Victorian Romance Week Check
Pets On Ice Week Check
Pet Rescue Week Check
Holiday Season Fever Week Check
Happy Holidays Week Check
Winter Retreat Week Check
Pets Got Talent Week Check
A Sim's Best Friend Week Check
Queen Of The Nile Week Check
Egypt Week Check
Magic Week Check
The Haunting Week Check Check
Moonlight Week Check Check Check
Bloodlust Week Check Check
Italian Holiday Week Check Check Check
Mystery Mansion Week Check Check Check
Supernatural Tales Week Check Check Check
Sushi Week Check Check Check
Littlehaven Fashion Week Check Check Check
Undercover Spy Week Check Check Check
7 Days Of Celebration Week Check Check Check
Geek Week Check Check Check
British Eccentric Games Week Check Check Check
The High Life Week Check Check Check
Living The Dream Week Check Check Check
Sim In The City Week Check Check Check
Country & Western Week Check Check Check
Summer BBQ Week Check Check Check
Flower Power Week Check Check Check
Pump It Up Week Check Check Check
Naughty or Nice Week Check Check Check
Drivers Wanted Week Check Check
Pool Party Splashdown Week Check
Pool Week Check
Rock 'n' Roll Week Check
Greek Gods Week Check
Pampering Week Check Check Check
Retro Living Week Check
Vegas Week Check
Medieval Week Check
Ultra Lounge Week Check
Arabian Nights Week Check
Gangster Week Check
Back to the 80's Week Check
Utopia Beach Week Check
Paris Week Check
Valentine's Week Check
Sports Week Check
Marie Antoinette Week Check
Adventure Week Check
Alice Madness Returns Week
Alice's Dreamland Week Check
New Years Party Week
Festive Chic Week
Victorian Elegance Week
Winter Wonderland Week
Cozy Winter Retreat Week Check Check Check
Pink Paradise Week Check
Sci Fi Week
Destination: Planet Tokyo
Japan Week Check Check Check
Halloween Bash Week Check
Haunted House Week Check Check Check
Ultimate Horror Movie Week Check Check Check
Werewolves vs Vampires Check Check Check
Summer Blowout Week N/A
SolTrain Beach Week Check N/A
Country Kitchen Week N/A
Modern Luxury Week N/A
Pink Bathroom & Cottage Kitchen Week N/A
Launch Week N/A
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