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The Vault Skill is a special Arabian Nights themed skill. To build this special skill you must complete the limited time Secret Vault quest in order to be awarded the skill object, the Cave of Wonders Door.

You will gain 15 Lifetime Points for going up each level in this skill.

If you complete all skill levels in this item within a limited time frame, you will be awarded the decorative doll, the Oasis White Peacock.

Skill Instruments

You can use the following object to improve this skill:

Object Name Level Skill Req. Cost/Requirements Details Levels to Earn
Cave of Wonders Door None Complete the Secret Vault quest 10200 House Value, Social, Fun 13

Skill Levels

Action Level Req. Requirements # Actions Profit Image
Add Secret Doorframe None None 5 19 Vault skill
Add Mystifying Pillars 1 Vault Skill + Level 1 Add Secret Doorframe Mastery 2 Graphics Tablet, 2 Love (Items), 2 Plans (Items) 10 19
Vault skill
Add Unbreakable Doors 2 Vault Skill + Level 1 Add Mystifying Pillars Mastery 5 Fury (Items), 5 Memory Upgrade 10 + 10 20
Vault skill
Add Confounding Gold Plating 4 Vault Skill + Level 2 Add Unbreakable Doors Mastery 7 Goodwill (Items), 7 Buzz (Items) 10 + 10 20
Vault skill
Add Stunning Jewels 6 Vault Skill + Level 2 Add Confounding Gold Plating Mastery 8 Mirror, 7 Processor Upgrade, 7 Muse (Items), 7 Photograph 10 + 10 21
Vault skill
Add Ancient Wings of Awesome 8 Vault Skill + Level 2 Add Stunning Jewels Mastery 8 Relaxation (Items), 5 Mirror, 10 Plans (Items), 8 Buzz (Items) 10 + 10 21
Vault skill
Add Treasure to Taste 10 Vault Skill + Add Ancient Wings of Awesome Mastery 5 Mirror, 10 Muse (Items), 10 Bling (Items), 7 Hope 20 + 20 + 30 25
Vault skill

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