A Garden that needs Tiding
A Sim's Yard is the light green, grassy area that surrounds your house. This is where weeds, treasure drops and animals / lot items appear.

For an alphabetical list of all items that have appeared in a Sim's yard, see the Yard Category Page.

You can expand the size of your yard by expanding lot size.


Weeds are plants that appear randomly on your lot each day. They will only appear on unobstructed tiles - that is, places where you do not have objects or rooms for your house. Floor tiles will not prevent weeds from appearing, so if you have made a "deck" outside a room, weeds will poke up through this.

Your Sim can expend energy to remove weeds, or just leave them for decoration. You cannot place items (or house parts) over weeds, so if you plan on adding more rooms to your house you will have to eventually remove the weeds.

Removing one stage of a weed will give you 10 XP Experience Point and somewhere between 15 - 20 coins Simoleons.

Regular Weeds

These are the weeds that regularly appear in your yard. Removing these weeds will occasionally drop the backpack items: Herbs or Dunkin' Donuts Boosts.

Yard Dandelion Yard Thistle Yard Grass Yard Thorns
Yard Red Mushrooms Yard Brown Mushrooms Yard White Mushrooms Yard Green Mushrooms
Yard Halloween Green Mushrooms Yard Branches Yard Root

Special / Limited Time Weeds

These weeds only appeared during special times of the year. Removing these weeds randomly drops special backpack items relevant to the weekly theme.

Halloween 2011
Yard Halloween Grass Yard Halloween Pansy Yard Halloween Thorns Yard Halloween Blue Mushrooms
Yard Halloween Purple Mushrooms Yard Halloween Stump
Christmas 2011
Yard Christmas Bush Yard Christmas Candy Canes Yard Christmas Pinecones Yard Christmas Elf Clothes

Animals & Lot Items

Animals and Lot Items will appear temporarily in your yard. If you log out, they will disappear. If you leave your lot to visit a friend, they will still be there when you return home.


These are the animals that regularly appear in your yard. Your Sim can photograph animals to gain XP and coins. Taking a picture of these will also sometimes drop a Muse. Once you photograph the animals, they will become startled and leave your lot.

Bird Birds Birds 3 Hedgehog

Limited Time

These animals and items only appear during special times of the year. Taking pictures of the animals and investigating the objects will randomly drop special backpack items relevant to the weekly theme.

Halloween 2011 Halloween Spirit Spectre
Christmas 2011 Christmas Bunny Christmas Cardinals
Alice's Dreamland & Alice Madness Returns Yard Cheshire Cat Yard Pile of Cards Yard Possum
Medieval Week Yard Snails Yard Potion
Pampering Week Volcanic Rock Lotus
Greek Gods Week Demon
Drivers Wanted Week Yard Car Dice
Naughty or Nice Week Angelic Shrub Naughty Shrub Yard Potion
Flower Power Week DovesInYard FlowerHeadGarland
Country & Western Week Gopher Cacti
British Eccentric Games Pigeons Corgi
Sushi Week Green Tea Sesame Seeds
Victorian Romance Week Pendant Garden-Shears

Treasure Drops

Treasure drops also appear randomly on your lot each day. Your Sim can interact with them to get coins, social points and backpack items. They will remain on your lot when you log out of the game.

Regular Treasure Drops

These will appear any time of the year on your lot. You can get Bling from these items.

Yard Blue Plumbob Yard Treasure Chest

Limited Time Treasure Drops

These treasure drops only appear during special times of the year. Interacting with these will randomly drop special backpack items relevant to the weekly theme.

Yard Halloween Coffin Yard Red Sack
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